Friday, October 8, 2010

Lower Prices on Pocketfolds and Blank Cards

Holiday card season is upon us and it's always mailing time for wedding invitations. has made it easier on your pocket book. We are DIY people, we get it. These labors of love can get pretty expensive so we lowered the prices on our premium color Pocketfolds and Blank Cards. In fact I think we may be one of the most inexpensive pocketfold people out there!


Kerry B said...

Love the tent top pocketfold! Can this be sealed and sent without an envelope?? thanks!

Cherry said...

I have in the past but if they go through the USPS machines sometimes they get caught up.

I always like like to use envelopes because it gives me a chance to decorate yet another layer but you could request that they are hand canceled if you sent them with simply a seal.